How do I care for my washable sanitary napkin?

Many women have turned to washable sanitary towels as a way of consuming and caring for themselves. However, it is important to know how to care for them so as not to create other problems. Read on to find out more about this sanitary napkin.

How to wash a sanitary napkin

Washable sanitary towels are high maintenance. So to care for them, you need to know how to wash them to preserve their softness and absorbent properties. The first step is to pre-wash by hand. This step actually removes as much blood as possible from the sanitary napkin before it is put in the machine with other clothes. To do this, simply rub the pad in a basin of warm water and then wring it out. However, if you find that the blood is having trouble leaving the pad, use a stain remover or baking soda.  Also, when washing towels in the washing machine, place the wrung-out towels in the washing machine with other clothes. It is advisable to set the washing machine for a cycle of 40° or 60° maximum.

How do I choose a washable sanitary towel?

There are several criteria for choosing a washable sanitary towel. First of all, your flow. These types of sanitary pads are adapted to different uses and flow rates. For example, a normal flow washable sanitary napkin is suitable for light to medium flow and ideal for daytime menstruation. On the other hand, a heavy flow sanitary napkin is suitable for heavy flow. You also need to know what material to choose for a washable sanitary napkin. On the market, several materials are used to make washable sanitary towels. These include cotton, flannel, minky, velour, fleece, nylon and many others. All these materials have their own characteristics and disadvantages. So you need to choose the material that suits you according to its advantages and disadvantages.

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