The differences between solar nails and other manicures

A Complete Guide on Solar Nails

Looking for the best manicure but you’re not really sure about the style you want to go for? There is a new trend making waves in the world at the moment: solar nails. If you don’t know what they are or how they are done, this guide will shed a light on all of your questions.

What are solar nails?

Solar nails are a derivative of the well-known acrylic nails. The idea was to have a similar style to acrylic nails, but with added benefits on top. A family-run business called Creative Nail Design, Inc. (or CND) is behind this new trend that originated around 2 years ago.

To spot these nails from close or from afar, they usually have a 2-tone colored style, surfing between pink and white. Finally, they are said to be stronger than any other nails, while still being easily removable.

Acrylic nails vs solar nails: which ones are better?

First and foremost, they are both acrylic-based. Where the difference lies, is that solar nails use solar powder, which is just acrylic powder with a no lift acrylic formula. This added formula is what makes these nails so strong and durable, while keeping all the benefits of the standard acrylic nails. During the manicure process, solar nails will also require less filling than their acrylic counterpart, making them more profitable in the long run for the manicure artist.

Are solar nails damaging my nails?

Solar nails are safe to use and not dangerous for the integrity of your natural nails. That said, once they fall off, it is important to note that your natural nails may be a bit weaker than usual for one week or two. So don’t worry if you notice some minor cracking or flaking after your solar nails fell off, it’s normal. It is recommended to wait this period out before going through with a new set of solar nails.

Can solar nails be longer than other nails?

Yes, they can! But they are pretty thick (around 10 times the size of your natural nails) so it’s better to not push the length to the extreme since they will get much thicker after the manicure. Moreover, solar nails are air-dried so you don’t need to hold your hand indefinitely under a UV light, no matter what their length is.

Can I have colors on my solar nails?

By default, the tip color is white, but it can also be off-white, red, blue, green, etc. With other types of nails, you would need to replace them after a few weeks if you wanted to change the color. But with these, you can just refill them with the colored powder you want.

How to change the color of my solar nails at home?

If you were wondering if it was possible to change the color of your solar nails at home, yes it is absolutely doable! As a general rule of thumb, acrylic nails can be repainted as you wish, and solar nails are no exception.

To do so, all you will need is a non-acetone-based remover, and the color you wish to use to repaint your nails. Before applying your new color, gently brush your nails with the remover and let them rest for a few minutes.

What are the Pros and Cons of solar nails?

Solar nails are easy to install, easy to color, and finally, easy to remove. Whereas, gel nails, for example, need a lot more time and care. To remove your solar nails, use acetone and voilà! To dry newly installed solar nails, you don’t need any UV light, just an air dryer and it’s done deal! And as we mentioned before, solar nails are a lot more durable and longer-lasting than gel nails.

On the more negative side of things, solar nails will usually look a bit less natural than other types of nails such as gel nails. Also, the initial fee to get them is generally more expensive than gel nails, but in the long run, they will cost you a lot less in maintenance fees as they are a lot easier to maintain.

Is it possible to fill or refill solar nails?

Yes, you can fill the nails if let’s say, your new natural nails are growing out of your fake nails. It is possible to smooth things out at your nearest salon. What they will do is just use some filling and apply the latter over the line between your fake and real nails to hide the new growth. As we already said, maintaining or modifying your solar nails is as simple as it can get, thus why they are becoming more and more popular in the manicure world.

And that concludes our complete guide on solar nails. Now that you know the pros and cons, you will be able to make a clearer decision for your next manicure. Enjoy your new nails and don’t be afraid to be beautiful!

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