Pickle juice can help you pass a drug test

Cheating a drug test with pickle juice: does it really work?

These days, you often need to pass a drug test in order to apply for a job. One of the rumors you may have seen going around on the web is that drinking pickle juice can help you pass a drug test. But, is it true? How does it work? If you are curious, then you can find out more down below.

Type of drug tests you might encounter while applying for work

Even though there is less strictness in the use of marijuana in many states nowadays, in some places, marijuana is still considered prohibited. So when you go to apply for a job, your employer may want you to have a drug test first to make sure you are not addicted to any substance. There are three methods of drug testing that are commonly used, which are:

Urine test

A urine drug test is common and widely used for screening drugs. By examining the urine sample in the lab, the health inspector can determine whether the person being tested has taken drugs or not. This method can be used to detect alcohol, methamphetamine, ecstasy, marijuana, morphine, and cocaine.

Blood test

Blood testing is the second most popular method, but is a bit less effective than the famous urine test. The reason for that being; although blood tests can be used to thoroughly detect drugs in the body, the risk of making a mistake is also higher. There must be a certified specialist staff team to draw the blood and to examine it for analysis. This method can detect the same type of addictive substances as with urine tests, and can also detect nicotine.

Saliva test

It is a rare thing, but you may be asked to participate in a saliva test while applying for a job. But this method is not very popular because it can only detect people who have recently taken drugs. This makes the accuracy of this drug test not as interesting as the two other tests.

Why do people think pickle juice can help with a drug test?

Before we discuss the use of pickle juice to deceive the test results, we should first understand why people believe that using pickle juice can help you. When you smoke Marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) will stay in your urine for up to 3-30 days, depending on how often you smoke. The THC is the substance that makes a drug test positive, confirming that you have indeed used marijuana.

Now, it is believed that consuming vinegar, which contains acetic acid, could help you neutralize the THC molecules found in your body. Pickle juice contains lots of acetic acids, and studies show that it can help detox and cleanse toxins from the body. Therefore, pickle juice could indeed be an effective way of detoxifying your urine.

How to use pickle juice to cheat a drug test?

From various sources on the internet, it can be summarized that the method of using pickled vegetable juice in cheating drug detection can be divided into 2 ways:

Secretly add the pickle juice to the urine sample.

This method works by deliberately mixing the pickle juice directly with the urine sample before you send it to the lab. With this method, you can avoid the need for a large amount of pickle juice. But because the urine test must be done as fresh as possible, there’s a very high risk of being caught by drug inspectors.

Drink pickle juice to detox the drugs from the body.

This method is more convenient than the first because you don’t have to risk getting foreign substances into the drug testing facility. But you need to drink a lot of pickle juice, about 1 gallon, and urinate often, preferably several days before the date of drug testing. This ensures that your body will be able to excrete the toxins out before it’s too late.

Is drinking pickle juice dangerous?

Although this method sounds like it could work on paper, we have to warn you that drinking vinegar-based liquids multiple times a day will definitely be hard on your body. It could indeed create digestive problems, and even make you vomit if your body can’t manage all that vinegar at once.

In conclusion, is pickle juice effective in cheating on a drug test?

Even though multiple sources have confirmed that it works, many people argue that it doesn’t. So it is unclear whether pickle juice can help pass the drug test for sure or not. And drinking too much pickle juice can be bad for your body because it is very acidic and salty. The acid can irritate the digestive tract, making the subject feel nauseous. In the end, if you want to pass a drug test, the best way still is: don’t do drugs!

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