Begin Yoga for two with these beginners' positions

6 Best Yoga Poses for Two People

Are you looking for something to do while being stuck at home during this lockdown? Doing yoga with someone is an excellent idea. Not only will it be beneficial physically, but you will find peace emotionally as well. This can make you and your partner connected on a spiritual level without even saying a single word.

Warm-up Before Getting Into Yoga Poses

Warming up before doing any kind of exercise is extremely important. This is to avoid any muscle injury during the workout and to get yourself ready for the exercise. Here is what you can do to warm up your muscles and get your blood pumping.

Forward Fold

First, you and your partner sit facing each other. Then get into the straddle position by bringing your soles to press against each other. If one of you is taller than the other, you can press the soles around the ankle of the other person’s feet.

Next, grab each other at the wrists or arms, but not the hands. Start rocking back and forth with your partner. At this point, communication is very important, as you do not want to stretch your partner too hard. Continue doing it for at least 5 breaths until you feel warmed up.

1. Dancer Pose or Natarajasana

This is a very beautiful yoga pose that focuses on strength, flexibility, and balance. This pose will stretch your legs, shoulders, and chests.

Start by standing and facing each other at each end of the yoga mat. Lift your right leg and grab it with your right arms. Lean your body toward each other and grab your partner’s arms to find the balance. You can stay in this position for a few breaths and then do exactly the same on the other side.

2. Double Side Down Pose

This pose is for beginners. It is easy and looks photogenic for you and your partner. It stretches your core and legs very well.

Start by standing with your legs open about shoulder wide in a straight line. The person in front will lean on one side trying to touch your feet. The other arm will be lifted high in the sky. The other person does the same but on a different side. Make sure that you do not bend your legs and relax your core.

3. Camel Pose

This is an easy pose that focuses on your front body. It stretches your chest, abdomen, ankles, back muscles, hips, and thighs.

First, stand on your knees facing away from each other. You and your partner’s toes will touch each other. Then, lean backward slowly while trying to touch your own feet at the back or until your heads touch each other. Stay for a couple of breaths, then slowly come back up.

4. Wide-Legged Boat Pose

This pose helps stretch your arms, legs and improves your balance. It is a fun and easy pose you can do with your partner.

To perform this, start by sitting and facing each other with your knees bent. Connect your toes and reach your arms in between your legs to touch each other. With your arms grabbing tight, start leaning backward while bringing your feet up high until your legs are straight. It is recommended to hold each other’s wrists or forearms instead of hands for a better core balance.

5. One-Legged Wheel Yoga Pose

This one is quite a difficult pose. It requires flexibility on both of you to be able to do the wheel. It focuses on your back, legs, and chest.

Start by lying on your back with your toes touching each other. Then get into the wheel position by putting your hands on the side of your head. Then, push your hands and feet in order to lift your body. Next, bring the front legs up in the sky and your soles touching each other. Stay there for at least 5 breaths, then bring your feet down and slowly lay on your back.

6. The Wheel Pose

This pose is for the advanced level. It requires a lot of flexibility from one partner since you have to do handstand and wheel positions. It stretches your back, hips, and shoulders.

The one with less flexibility will be the base and the other one will be the wheel person. The base will lay on your stomach in the cobra position. The second person will grab the base’s ankles and get into the handstand.

Next, you will slowly lower your legs down into the wheel position. During that, the base will also bend your back and take the other person’s legs above your head.


You can do the child’s pose and the fish pose to relax your back chest, shoulders, and arms. Take turns in order to stretch the whole body.

The cooldown phase goes like this; one person will get into the child pose by sitting on the other person’s legs and lean forward with his/her arms straight until the forehead touches the yoga mat. The second person will be in the fish pose. Let’s say that person is you, start by lying your back on your partner, bring your arms up, and then stretch your chest open. If you feel comfortable, you can extend your legs out.

Most importantly, focus on your breath and your partner’s movement while practicing. These poses can definitely refresh your body and relax your mind. Not only will you get to exercise, but you will get some cool pictures to post on social media as well.

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