Welcome to the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research

Created in 1944, the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research is the oldest and most recognized chiropractic research- funding institution in the world. As an independent research foundation, it has founded around $11 million in grants, fellowships and residencies since 1980, supplying a vital stream of information to doctors, patients, health care professional, business managers and executives, industry, insurance and government leaders in order to provide solid research based information to the public at large.

Our mission

The Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research is an independent research foundation founded in 1944 aiming to promote chiropractic health care worldwide by encouraging and supporting research and education and providing information to improve the health and well-being of humanity.

Since 1980, we have founded around $11 million in grants, fellowships and residencies in order to provide a vital stream of research-based information to all actors in the field of chiropractic, from health care professional and patients to business executives and government leaders, through research papers, patient newsletters, informational pamphlets, videos, promotional pieces, doctors bulletins, new releases and much more.

Some of our achievements

Our first achievement, and probably the most important of all, was to obtain national accreditation for chiropractic. From there, we have evolved to meet the profession’s different needs and turned our focus on research. Over time, our volunteers have contributed to more than 33,000 articles and helped fund over 152 trials on chiropractic manipulations. They have also supported over 100 research fellowships leading to high academic degrees through our Fellowship and Research Residency programs, assisting the education of many influential researchers and educators.

Later, given this ability of federal grants to fund major research projects, along with the declining contributions of large sums of money mainly due to the 2008 crisis, we began to focus on pilot studies. In this area, we have funded around $11 million in chiropractic research through pilot projects, that were then leveraged into major federal grants. Overall, we have managed to obtain over $20 million in federal grants for research projects at various chiropractic colleges.

Another of our areas of concern has been to become THE evidence-based resource for practitioners and students. For this, we have launched in 2007 our Evidence-Based Resource Center and in 2008, our new web page DCConsult.com, with new emphasis on the needs of the practicing clinicians. Our goal through these two projects was to spread as more information to as many chiropractic actors as possible.

What is chiropractic and what can it heal?

Chiropractic is not only a medical science, but also an art. It aims to maintain and restore patients good health by preserving their nervous and musculo-skeletal systems. It is a manual medicine requiring numerous manipulations on different part of the body, mainly around the spinal column, in order to cure the resistance of the spinal column blockages on the nervous system. In order to re-establish good nervous action potential, chiropractors often have recourse to radiology and MRI scans of the spinal column and the pelvis in order to establish their diagnosis. Once they have defined where the problem comes from, they then apply some specific manipulations on the concerned vertebra in order to free the nerve that causes the dysfunction.

This way, chiropractic can cure most of nervous dysfunctions such as sciatica, backache, stiff neck, hip arthritis, nervous pain and other affections led by sport like tennis elbow. On another hand, it can also heal other affections that do not seem linked to the nervous system at first, but are indeed indirectly caused by it, such as headaches, dizziness, asthma, bronchitis or else digestive, genital and urinary malfunctions.